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Worship for May 24 2020

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alternatively go to and type into the search bar:  Knox United Winnipeg. 

The service will be on the YouTube site anytime you would like to view it.  Former online services are available here as well.

This Sunday is the Seventh Sunday after Easter. The scripture reading will be from the book of John Chapter 17, verses 1-11. Christ, while facing His crucifixion, offered a prayer to the Father for His disciples as well as you and I that ends showing Christ’s desire for us to be forever with Him in Glory someday. His prayer is a beautiful reminder of His love for us and a desire for us to do well. Jesus speaks from the depths of his heart. He tells us of the Father’s love for him and his love for his Father, who is the heart and core of his very being. The Father’s love continues to be with him right to the end, even to the Cross, to the point of giving his all, his life. Jesus was filled with joy and this inner joy came from His relationship with God through prayer. Prayer and inner joy are linked together because prayer opens a door to the presence and guidance of God. We may say that we are homeless but our faith in God is not hopeless. We may, one day, be one with Christ, with His subjects and be able to carry on the task that has been entrusted to us.

Swagatam, Tansi, Welcome:

Gathering in singing:

Hamba Nathi/You are Holy MV 45

Zulu       Hamba nathi Mkhululi wethu x4

Mkhululi, Mkhululi,Mkhululi wethu x4


English You are holy, you show us the way x4

You show us, you show us, you show us the way x4


Tagalog Banal ka ipakita ang daan x4

Ipakita, ipakita ang daan x4


Nepali  Hamro yatra lamo lamo chha x4

Lamo chha, lamo chha, lamo lamo chha x4


Gloria a Dios MV36


Gloria a Dios, gloria a Dios, Gloria en los cielos!

A Dios la gloria por siempre!

Alleluya, amén!



Glory to God, glory to God, glory in the highest!

To God be glory forever!

Alleluia! Amen!



Gloria sa Dios, Gloria sa Dios, Gloria sa kaitaas-taasan

O Dios magpakaylan man

alleluia, amen!



Prabhu lai mahima, Prabhu lai mahima, Mahima ati uchcha ma

Prabhu lai mahima sada sadalai

alleluyah, amen!


Community News and Welcome


Singing:                Come, O Fount of Every Blessing   VU 559

                Come, O Fount of every blessing,

                                tune my heart to sing your grace;

                streams of mercy, never ceasing

                                call for songs of endless praise.

                Teach me some melodious sonnet,

                                sung by flaming tongues above.

                Praise the mount; I’m fixed upon it,

                                mount of God’s unfailing love.


                Here I pause in my sojourning,

                                Giving thanks for having come,

come to trust, at every turning,

God will guide me safely home.

Jesus sought me when a stranger,

wandering from the fold of God,

came to rescue me from danger,

precious presence, precious blood.


                O, to grace how great a debt

                                or daily I am drawn anew!

                Let that grace now, like a fetter,

                                bind my wandering heart to you.

                Prone to wander, I can feel it,

                                wander from the love I’ve known:

                Here’s my heart, O, take and seal it,

                                seal it for your very own.


Call to Worship:

One:      Come, let us worship Almighty God.

All:         Let us lift up our songs, our prayers, our praises.

One:      Come, let us honour Christ Jesus.

All:         Let us love Christ with our hearts, our minds, our spirits.

One:      Come, let us be filled with the Spirit of the Living God. Breathe in us, Breath of God.

All:         Alleluia.


Singing:                Ki Ri Su To No / May the Peace of Christ

Ki ri su to no he I wa ga

Wa ta shi ta chi no ko ko ro no

Su mi zu mi nima de

Yu ki wa ta ri ma su yo u ni

May the peace of Christ be with you

May the love of Christ dwell deep in your heart

May the Spirit enlighten your way

May you walk in the comfort of God’s care.

May the grace of God be with you

May the love of God dwell deep in your heart

May you walk in the light of God’s way

May you live in the comfort of God’s peace.


Sharing of peace:


Music Ministry:                Dana Miranda


Children Time:                  We Share because We Love


Lord’s Prayer:                    (all languages welcome and spoken)


Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy Name,

thy kingdom come,

thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those

who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

and the power, and the glory,

for ever and ever. Amen.

‘हे हाम्रा पिता, जो स्‍वर्गमा हुनुहुन्‍छ,

तपाईंको नाउँ पवित्र होस्‌।

तपाईंको राज्‍य आओस्‌। 

 तपाईंको इच्‍छा स्‍वर्गमा जस्‍तो छ,

त्‍यस्‍तै यस पृथ्‍वीमा पूरा होस्‌।

हामीलाई आज हाम्रो दैनिक भोजन दिनुहोस्‌।

हाम्रा अपराधहरू क्षमा गर्नुहोस्,

जसरी हामीले आफ्‍ना अपराधीहरूलाई क्षमा गरेका छौं।

हामीलाई परीक्षामा पर्न नदिनुहोस्,

तर दुष्‍टबाट छुटाउनुहोस्‌

किनभने राज्‍य, पराक्रम र महिमा

सदासर्वदा तपाईंकै हुन्, आमेन।’

Singing:                “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” VU 664

                What a friend we have in Jesus,

                all our sins and griefs to bear!

                What a privilege to carry

everything to God in prayer!

O what peace we often forfeit,

O what needless pain we bear,

All because we do not carry

everything to God in prayer.


Have we trials and temptations?

Is there trouble anywhere?

We should never be discouraged;

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Can we find a friend so faithful,

Who will all our sorrows share?

Jesus knows our every weakness;

Take it to the Lord in prayer.


Are we weak and heavy laden,

cumbered with a load of care?

Christ the saviour is our refuge;

take it to the Lord in prayer.

Do our friends despise, forsake us?

Are we tempted to despair?

Jesus’ strength will shield our weakness,

and we’ll find new courage there.


Scripture Reading:           John 17:1-11   Jesus Prays.  (English & French)


Singing:                “We are One” VU 402

                We are one as we come,

                                as we come, joyful to be here,

                In the praise on our lips

there’s a sense that God is near.

                We are one as we sing,

                                as we seek, we are found;

                And we come needful of God’s grace

as we meet, together in this place.


                We are one as we share,

as we share brokenness and fear,

In the touch of a hand

there’s a sense that God is near.

We are one as we care,

as we heal, we are healed:

And we share warmth in God’s embrace

as we pray together in this place.


                We are one as we feast,

                                as we feast, peace becomes the sign;

                In the bread and the wine

there’s a sense of love divine.

We are one as we come,

as we feed, we are fed;

And we feel God’s refreshing grace

as we meet at table in this place.


                We are one as we hear,

                                as we hear, heart and hand unite,

                in the word we receive

                                there’s a sense that God is light.

                We are one as we leave,

                                as we love, we are loved;

                And we seek justice in God’s ways

                                as we move together from this place.


Reflection:          “Homeless but not Hopeless”


Singing:                “Draw the Circle Wide” MV 145

Draw the circle wide.  Draw it wider still.

Let this be our song, no one stands alone,

Standing side by side, draw the circle wide.


God the still-point of the circle,

‘round whom all creation turns;

Nothing lost, but held forever,

in God’s gracious arms. R


Let our hearts touch far horizons,

so encompass great and small;

Let our loving know no borders,

faithful to God’s call. R


Let the dreams we dream be larger,

than we’ve ever dreamed before,

Let the dream of Christ be in us,

open every door. R


Collection of Offering:

The ministry and mission of Knox continues, even when the building is closed.  God’s love and concern for those who are struggling is shared.  You make it possible to carry this message to everyone.  If you normally give when you are in worship, we encourage you to continue your regular donations through Canada Helps.  The link is here: All donations made will be forwarded to Knox Winnipeg.  Or, if you have envelopes, you could put your offering in an envelope each Sunday and bring them with you when we get back to in person worship.  Thank you for your generosity in these times of trouble.


Singing:                “Ay Ay Salidummay”  MV 184

Ay, Ay, Salidummay, Let us give thanks to God. X5




Community Prayer:


Singing:                “I Have Called You by Your Name” MV 161

I have called you by your name, you are mine;

I have gifted you and ask you now to shine.

I will not abandon you; all my promises are true.

You are gifted, called, and chosen; you are mine.


I will help you learn my name as you go;

read it written in my people, help them grow.

Pour the water in my name,

speak the word your soul can claim,

offer Jesus’ body, given long ago.


I know you will need my touch as you go;

feel it pulsing in creation’s ebb and flow.

Like the woman reaching out,

choosing faith in spite of doubt,

hold the hem of Jesus’ robe, then let it go.




Singing:                Teach Me to Dance (Knox Voices)

Teach me to dance to the beat of your heart

Teach me to move in the power of your Spirit

Teach me to walk in the light of your presence

Teach me to dance to the beat of your heart

Teach me to love with your heart of compassion

Teach me to trust in the word of your promise

Teach me to hope in the day of your coming

Teach me to dance to the beat of your heart.


You wrote the rhythm of life

Created heaven and earth

In You is joy without measure

So, like a child in your sight

I dance to see your delight

For I was made for your pleasure. Pleasure   R


Let all my movements express

A heart that loves to say ‘yes’

A will that leaps to obey you

Let all my energy blaze

To see the joy in your face

Let my whole being praise you,

praise you.  R