Annual Meetings

Each year, Knox holds an Annual General Meeting, sometimes called a Congregational Meeting to review and celebrate the accomplishments of the prior year.  An Annual Report is produced for each meeting.  The reports contain thorough reviews of activities, photos, official minutes and financial statements (reviewed by an independent accounting firm) and a budget for the next year.

The Annual Meeting is a way that the leadership of the congregation can be accountable to the members and adherents and can hear input from folks about future direction.

Below are the reports from each year.  The reports contain thorough reviews of activities for the year, photos, official minutes and financial statements.

AGMs are open for all to attend and participate.  In most matters, all those in attendance can vote.

Occasionally a Special Congregational Meeting will be called to deal with urgent or emerging issues, such as the appointment of a new minister.

Sunday, April 19, 2021

Annual Meeting for 2020

Sunday, April 2, 2019

Annual Meeting for 2018

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Annual Meeting for 2017

Sunday, May 13, 2017

Annual Meeting for 2016