Worship/Annual Meeting April 19 2020

This Sunday we will be hosting our Annual Meeting as part of the Worship Service and so invite you to try out Zoom. 

Just click on the link and follow the instructions.  Once you are in the “room” on your screen with us, Paul Hagerman will guide you and offer a brief tutorial on using Zoom.  Please give it a try as we would love to “see” you and share community together:

Time: Apr 19, 2020 10:30 AM Winnipeg

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Meeting ID: 685 472 4309

Password: 8015919

The worship Bulletin is above for download and also found below

Gathering Together in Song:

VU #383  Wa Wa Wa Emimimo

Wa wa wa Emimimo. (Emioloye)

Wa wa wa Alagbrara (Alagbarameta)

Wao wao wao (Emimimo)


Singing:  VU #396  Jesus, Stand Among Us

  1. Jesus, stand among us

in your risen power;

let this time of worship

be a hallowed hour.

  1. Breathe the Holy Spirit

into every heart;

bid the fears and sorrows

from each soul depart.

  1. Lead our hearts to wisdom

till our doubting cease,

and to all assembled

speak your word of peace.

Welcome and Community News


Song:  VU #183  We Meet You, O Christ (vs. 1,2 and 4)

  1. We meet you, O Christ, in many a guise;

your image we see in simple and wise.

You live in a palace, exist in a shack.

We see you, the gardener, a tree on your back.

  1. In millions alive, away and abroad;

involved in our life you live down the road.

Imprisoned in systems you long to be free.

We see you, O Jesus, still bearing your tree.

  1. You choose to be made at one with the earth;

The dark of the grave prepares for your birth.

Your death is your rising, creative your word:

The tree springs to life and our hope is restored.


Scripture:  John 20: 19-23

Knox 2019 Photo Montage

Call to Order Knox Annual Meeting – Lori Stewart (Minutes: Joyce Allen)

Motion: Right to Vote

Report:  Annual General Meeting Minutes, April 7, 2019 – read out

                Business Arising From the Minutes




Song:  Alleluia Bandai Hosanna

Hallelujah bhand-hai hoshana, hoshana

ba-ru-li kam-mar bha-cha-na, bha-cha-na 2X

Ma_ ti-mi ha-mi sa-bai u-fre-ra

jod-le nach-au na na-chau-na 2X

Hallelujah bhand-hai hoshana, hoshana

ba-ru-li kam-mar bha-cha-na, bha-cha-na.

Hallelujah, singing, hosanna, hosanna

singing and dancing, giving praise to our God 2X

Everybody, everybody

dance and sing praises to our God, to our God 2X

Hallelujah, singing, hosanna, hosanna

singing and dancing, giving praise to our God


Passing of Peace

Scripture:  John 20: 24-29

Report:  Financial Report and 2020 Budget

Motions / Discussion:

  1. i) To accept the 2019 Financial Statements for Knox United Church as presented in financial compilation by the accounting firm of Craig & Ross.
  2. ii) To accept the Knox United Church 2019 Budget as presented. 

iii) To retain the services of the accounting firm of Craig & Ross as the Financial Reviewers for 2020.

Motion to Reappoint Damber Khadka – Joyce Allen



Song: VU #185 You Tell Me That the Lord is Risen (Vs. 1, 3 and 4)

  1. You tell me that the Lord is risen,

That you have seen his face.

Then tell me why you crouch in fear

And hide within this place.

You say that he spoke words of peace

And stood just as before.

But ‘til I touch his very flesh

I will not trust your joy.

  1. “Now peace be with you. Come, my friend,

My wounded body see.

Let the rich courage of your doubt

bring you to fresh belief.

Fear not to wonder at the Word,

to search the depths of grace.

Reach out and touch, here is my hand.

Receive the gift of faith.”

  1. “How blest are they, how fortunate

Who know without the sight.

But Thomas, you are favoured too,

For searching yields its light.”

So may each pilgrim in the Way,

Each road to Christ be blest,

‘til lips declare, “My Lord and God!”,

Christ’s body one at last.


Scripture: Philippians 4: 12-13

Motions:  To Receive Annual Meeting Reports

Acknowledgments:  Deaths, Births, Weddings – Damber Khadka

Discussion:  Information or Questions regarding Reports

        New Business

  • Food 4 All – Report Raymond Ngarboui
  • Covid 19 – Knox Report




The ministry and mission of Knox continues, even when the building is closed.  God’s love and concern for those who are struggling is shared.  You make it possible to carry this message to everyone.  If you normally give when you are in worship, we encourage you to continue your regular donations through Canada Helps.  The link is here:  https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/107576134RR0001-knox-united-church/ All donations made will be forwarded to Knox Winnipeg.  Or, if you have envelopes, you could put your offering in an envelope each Sunday and bring them with you when we get back to in person worship.  Thank you for your generosity in these times of trouble.


Offering Song: MV #68 Guarani Kyrie


O God have mercy [x3], have mercy on us


O Dios maawa ka (x3) maawa ka sa amin


Prabhu kripa cha [x4]

Scripture:  1 Timothy 4: 14-16

Report:  Nominations




Community Prayer

Lord’s Prayer (all languages welcome and spoken)

Song: VU #166 Joy Comes with the Dawn


Joy comes with the dawn;

Joy comes with the morning sun;

Joy springs from the tomb

And scatters the night with her song,

Joy comes with the dawn.

  1. Weeping may come;

Weeping may come in the night,

When dark shadows cloud our sight. R

  1. Sorrow will turn,

Sorrow will turn into song

and God’s laughter make us strong. R

  1. We will rejoice,

We will rejoice, and give praise,

To the One who brings us grace. R


Thank You

Motion to Adjourn



Singing: MV#212 Sent Out in Jesus’ Name

Sent out in Jesus’ name, Our hands are ready now

To make the world a place In which the kingdom comes.

The angels cannot change A world of hurt and pain

Into a world of love, Of justice and of peace.

The task is ours to do,To set it really free.

O help us to obey, And carry out your will.