Nepali youth gathering

Youth from Knox participated in the 7th Annual Youth conference organized by CNYAC (Connecting Nepali Youth Across Canada) at Lethbridge, Alberta on the Labour Day weekend. The 12 Knox youth joined over 300 others from 6 provinces. It was an exciting time of community building, worship and fun.

Knox youth led the service on the opening day and participated in several other ministries. The theme for the conference was “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” from the book of Matthew 6:33. The keynote speakers explored the role of youth in the twenty-first century: the urgency of our times, the lack of participation of youth in church services, and the importance of building a generation for the future.

lCNYAC is an umbrella organization which came into being in 2012. Pastor Max Gurung, from London, Ontario, a founding member, had been organizing such events and conferences each year in different provinces before the new group was formed. Each event has a different theme but the purpose remains constant: to unite youth and educate them to be responsible faith-leaders and work towards establishing God’s kingdom. With hope, we continue to serve the Lord and serve the people with God’s grace and generous spirit. 

Take a moment to ask the youth on at church what they experienced: they will be happy to share. Plans are underway for the participants to share more from the experience in the Intercultural service.