Knox New Veggie Garden

Knox has long supported the Rainbow Community Garden project but this year the congregation has taken on a new role of gardener.  The concept of the Knox Herb and Vegetable Garden at the Rainbow Community Garden at the University of Manitoba started in late spring, the inspiration of congregation member Cynthia.  Filled with her usual enthusiasm, Cynthia recruited other congregational members to become involved in the project.

Cynthia explains, “We have over 40 rows of herbs and veggies! It has grown with the assistance of Raymond, Lahki, Sabry, Duku, Natalia and Damaso. The Ryerson Boys & Girls Club is collaborating with us to water, weed and harvest our crop. Each day our plants need attention.”

The gardeners are inviting congregation members to suggest recipes which can be made with the produce.  Perhaps the group will cook together in the Knox kitchen to share the harvest, which is another important tradition in the life of the congregation. 

Anyone who wants to participate in any way, individually or as a group, please call Cynthia at 204-894-5430.