During this period of Covid19 response our building is mostly closed and our usual in person worship services are suspended. Join us for an online service. See details below.

An intercultural community where everyone is truly welcome

And the angel said, “be not afraid”.  In this time of rapid change and uncertainty, we can feel anxious and afraid.  We encourage you to remember that God is with us.  We are not alone.  If you require support please contact one of the ministry staff.  Email and the office voice mail will be monitored regularly.

The church remains largerly closed. A few on site programs will be continuing.  See the Events Calendar for details.

The sunday service is being live streamed.  Visit the On-line Worship page for details on how to participate.

Additional news will be shared through the Knox Enews.  Sign up here if you do not already receive it (back issues are also here.)

How you can get connected

Something is happening Here

Around here when something unusual, amazing, mysterious happens, people say, “that’s Knox for you!” It’s usually said with a mixture of delight, joy and just a hint of mischief.  

We believe God is “up to something” and Knox is called to be a part of it.  The life-giving idea that justice, the Kingdom, is a-comin and that we are key to making it all happen, is at the heart of, “that’s Knox for you!”

Come worship, study, serve with us: bible study, outreach, healing, right relations, spirited-fun

A Gathering Place in the Park

This grand building is a grace from God. Iconic, it stands watch over the Park and its people as it has for over 100 years. 

People from every walk of life have good reasons to visit, be it a concert, community meeting, educational event.  Hosting community is an important part of our ministry.

Come use our space for your event and further enliven the Central Park community

A friendly intercultural welcome

“When I opened those big doors, I found a community like no other. No matter where you are from, who you are, Indigenous, Refugee, Settler, you will see yourself inside this place.”

Knox is a remarkable place to connect with community and find the services you need.  Subscribe to our Newsletter, follow us on Facebook or drop by to stay informed.

Come to find what you need: newcomer programs, addiction supports, children's activities